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1. Blog No. 6854
U.S.-Born Al-Qaeda Operative Adam Gadahn: The U.S. Ambassador To Libya Deserved To Die; A Price Should Be Put On The Head Of Other Western Ambassadors
URL:¶m=APT - August 18, 2013
2. Blog No. 6817
Presenter On Egyptian Al-Tahrir Channel: Murderer Of American Ambassador To Libya Is Participating In Pro-MB Demonstrations In Cairo Under MB Protection
URL:¶m=APT - July 31, 2013
3. Blog No. 6611
Writer Behind 'Al-Qaeda Airlines' Magazine Says Attack On U.S. Consulate In Benghazi Was Planned, And That Its Aim Was A High-Profile Kidnapping
URL:¶m=GJN - March 15, 2013
4. Blog No. 6536
New Fatwa Encourages Attacks On French Embassies, Citizens, And Companies
URL:¶m=APT - February 11, 2013
5. Blog No. 6395
AQAP Mufti Lashes Out At Yemen's Religious Establishment For Turning Blind Eye To U.S. Aggressions Against Muslims
URL:¶m=GJN - December 3, 2012
6. Blog No. 6323
Libyan Ansar Al-Shari'a Group Lays Down Its Arms In Favor Of Da'wa-Based Approach
URL:¶m=GJN - October 16, 2012
7. Blog No. 6313
Ayman Al-Zawahiri In Response To Controversial Anti-Islamic Film: The Crusader-Zionist Alliance Understands Only The Language Of Force
URL:¶m=APT - October 13, 2012
8. Blog No. 6298
Al-Shabab-Affiliated Cleric Ma'allin Burhan Calls On Somalis Living In Diaspora to Slaughter Americans, French, Target Their Interests
URL:¶m=GJN - October 5, 2012
9. Blog No. 6293
Al-Shabab Spokesman Praises, Calls On Muslims To Emulate, Killers Of Ambassador Chris Stevens
URL:¶m=GJN - October 4, 2012
10. Blog No. 6272
Sufyan Bin Qumu, Alleged Killer Of U.S. Ambassador To Libya, Vowed Revenge For His Humiliation By U.S. Marines, And To Target U.S. Drones, In May 2012
URL:¶m=GJN - September 21, 2012
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