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1. Blog No. 8153
Libyan Jihad Group Ansar Al-Shari'a Announces Death Of Its Leader Muhammad Al-Zahawi
URL:¶m= - January 25, 2015
2. Blog No. 6854
U.S.-Born Al-Qaeda Operative Adam Gadahn: The U.S. Ambassador To Libya Deserved To Die; A Price Should Be Put On The Head Of Other Western Ambassadors
URL:¶m=APT - August 18, 2013
3. Blog No. 6817
Presenter On Egyptian Al-Tahrir Channel: Murderer Of American Ambassador To Libya Is Participating In Pro-MB Demonstrations In Cairo Under MB Protection
URL:¶m=APT - July 31, 2013
4. Blog No. 6611
Writer Behind 'Al-Qaeda Airlines' Magazine Says Attack On U.S. Consulate In Benghazi Was Planned, And That Its Aim Was A High-Profile Kidnapping
URL:¶m=GJN - March 15, 2013
5. Blog No. 6536
New Fatwa Encourages Attacks On French Embassies, Citizens, And Companies
URL:¶m=APT - February 11, 2013
6. Blog No. 6395
AQAP Mufti Lashes Out At Yemen's Religious Establishment For Turning Blind Eye To U.S. Aggressions Against Muslims
URL:¶m=GJN - December 3, 2012
7. Blog No. 6323
Libyan Ansar Al-Shari'a Group Lays Down Its Arms In Favor Of Da'wa-Based Approach
URL:¶m=GJN - October 16, 2012
8. Blog No. 6313
Ayman Al-Zawahiri In Response To Controversial Anti-Islamic Film: The Crusader-Zionist Alliance Understands Only The Language Of Force
URL:¶m=APT - October 13, 2012
9. Blog No. 6298
Al-Shabab-Affiliated Cleric Ma'allin Burhan Calls On Somalis Living In Diaspora to Slaughter Americans, French, Target Their Interests
URL:¶m=GJN - October 5, 2012
10. Blog No. 6293
Al-Shabab Spokesman Praises, Calls On Muslims To Emulate, Killers Of Ambassador Chris Stevens
URL:¶m=GJN - October 4, 2012
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