Pro-ISIS Author Criticizes Men Who Do Not Participate In Jihad Following Kenya Attack Perpetrated By Women

 September 27, 2016

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On September 25, 2016, the Al-Battar Media Foundation, which is associated with ISIS, published a post by Abu Al-Muntasir Al-Maghribi titled "While Sisters Fight the Jihad War," which criticizes male ISIS supporters who do not take up arms and join the jihad themselves. The author argues that if the three women who carried out the recent attack on a police station in Mombasa, Kenya, rose up an acted despite the fact that the duty of jihad does not apply to them, then men are doubly obligated to do so as well. He calls on supporters to follow in the footsteps of the Mombasa women and of the perpetrators of the attacks in Paris, Brussels, Orlando, Nice, Germany, and elsewhere.

It should be mentioned that the Mombasa attack sparked a debate among ISIS supporters and opponents regarding the permissibility of women participating in jihad. ISIS supporters also recently addressed this issue, arguing that women should leave the jihad fighting to men, but that in special cases, such as the Mombasa attack, women can actively participate in the jihad war.[1]

Al-Maghribi's post

The post starts by praising the three women who attacked the Mombasa police station with knives and Molotov Cocktails. He argues that despite the fact that they died without managing to kill any policemen, their operation is considered highly successful and they will therefore be considered "martyrs" in paradise. The author then addresses ISIS supporters outside of Islamic State territory, asking them to take an example from these women: "Look at the actions of these weak sisters, whom Allah did not even require to fight. How shameful that while the sister fights and carries a knife, the brother sits at home and watches from the sidelines. Are these sisters braver than you?! Or are you weaker than your predecessors – those who provided satisfaction to the believers in Paris, Brussels, Orlando, Nice, Germany, Jakarta, Bangladesh, and Kenya?! Absolutely not. You are physically stronger than they are and have far more means of killing than they do. [The Mombasa attackers] only exceeded you in determination and force of righteous faith. Know this, oh supporter who can fight but forgoes [practical] support for the Islamic State; the supporter who avoids carrying out jihad against the infidels – know that Allah ordered you to do this, the caliph [Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi] called on you to join the war, and [ISIS spokesman] Sheikh [Abu Muhammad] Al-'Adnani guided you, and therefore you have no excuses left. So hurry, oh our brother in monotheism, hurry and write your name in the lists of the glory of the ummah; hurry and carve your name in the upper regions of paradise and reserve a seat in paradise, as an infidel and his killer will never meet in hell [meaning that an infidel's killer is promised a place in paradise]."