Jihadi Animated Clip Shows Sword Decapitating 'Crusader Leaders' – Including Pope Benedict, President Obama, Secretary of Defense Gates, General Petraeus and Others

Special Dispatch Series No. 3136,  August 2, 2010

On August 2, 2010, the jihadi website Al-Falluja posted a message by a forum member calling himself "Sama Baghdad," who is described on the site as "a student at the Al-Falluja Islamic University" (meaning a member on the website's Islamic jurisprudence forum). The message, headed "Retaliation and Revenge for the Killing of the Two Sheikhs – Part One," contained a link to an animated clip that was presented as the first of a series.

The author explained that the clip urges the Muslims to avenge the killing of the two martyrs – 'Omar Al-Baghdadi, Emir of the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) and its "war minister" Abu Hamza Al-Muhajir (who were killed in a joint U.S.-Iraqi strike in April 2010), and that the first part is dedicated to "the Crusader infidels." He apologized for taking so long to post it, explaining that its preparation took a long time.

Originally, the link leading to the clip did not work, but triggered the message: "File removed due to violation of ImageShack terms of service or by user request." In response to complaints by forum members and by one of the forum moderators, Sama Baghdad explained that ImageShack had deleted the file and that he would try to upload the clip in a different way. After a while, during which additional forum members expressed their desire to see the film, Sama Baghdad wrote: "Finally you will see the images that will gladden your heart," and attached a new link.

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